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[New York Times] Enabling China

American technology companies are eager to do business in China, sometimes too eager. Cisco Systems and others are working on a government project in the city of Chongqing, for example, that includes creating the biggest police surveillance system in the world. A year and a half after Google pulled its search engine out of China […]

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Baird confident Chinese fugitive won’t be executed

Although paving the way for stronger economic ties with China remains the priority, John Baird says he didn’t shy away from tough conversations about human rights during his first visit to the communist superpower as Canada’s new foreign affairs minister. Speaking Monday from Beijing, Baird said he had a „frank and open” discussion with his […]

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[Electronic Frontier Foundation] EFF Urges Microsoft and Cisco to Reconsider China

Commentary  by Jillian York Co-authored by Cindy Cohn This week saw two disappointing decisions by two major American companies, Microsoft and Cisco, that appear to be choosing to become little tech helpers to China’s repressive regime rather than choosing to be a force for good. For Cisco, it’s more of the same. For Microsoft, it’s […]

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[Salem-News] The beauty of Falun Dafa; it’s persecution in China is officially on our radar.

(SALEM, Ore.) – is increasingly receiving contact from people in countries that practice terrible levels of religious and cultural military oppression. It is improper that refugees of horrible world political violence should have to rely on agencies like to carry their plight and show it to the public, only to be called every […]

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[Town hall] Holier Than Mao

An American maker of Internet routing gear is in deep public relations trouble. It has been accused of customizing its technology to help Communist China track members of a religious dissident group calling itself “Falun Gong.” It has resulted in a lawsuit being filed last month in federal court in California. The lawsuit alleges that […]

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[The Tibet Post] EU Asks China on Whereabouts of Detained 300 Tibetan Monks

Dharamshala: – European Union officials pressed the authorities of Chinese government on Thursday (16th June) concerning the recent disappearance of the 300 monks from Kirti Monastery of Ngaba county of eastern Tibet. They also questioned the rights of the people in Eastern Turkestan and Southern Mongolia as well as Christians and members of the Falun […]

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Polskie Stowarzyszenie Falun Dafa